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On this homepage you can find genealogical information of several Dutch families: Bouw, Van der Oest, Van Wijngaarden. Most of the members of the Bouw-family come from the Veluwe, a central part of the Netherlands.
There are many Dutch families wearing the name of BOUW. Most of the time they are NOT related! My family belongs to the Bouw-family from the village of Otterlo. The Bouw-families from the villages Putten and Nijkerk are not related to the Otterlo-clan. I’m writing a family-history book of the Otterlo-clan. I’m collecting stories, photo’s and other interesting material to complete that book. I hope the book will be finished in five years! When you are interested in my family-investigation or when you have questions, please send me an e-mail. Please look at the page “contact” for more information.


Jacob Bouw and his wife Johanna van Rooy came to the United States in 1917. His mother Wilhelmina Bouw-Klaarenbeek, his sister Maria de Leeuwerk-Bouw and the two childeren of Maria, Gerrit Wouter (2 years old) and Wilhelmina (3 months old) went from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to New York with the ship Rijndam. The price was 1247,97 Dutch guilders, about 600 US dollars.


Below a part of the genealogy of Jan Bouw and Wilhelmina Klaarenbeek. For privacy reasons I blocked the present generations. Send an e-mail for more information.

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Genealogy Jan Bouw and Wilhelmina Klaarenbeek
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